Oulanyah Lauds Motocross Team on EA win

Oulanyah Lauds Motocross Team on EA win

The Deputy speaker, Hon. Jacob Oulanyah has applauded the Uganda Motocross Team for winning the 2016 Africa Central Motocross competitions in Jamhuri Park, Kenya.

Receiving a petition from the Uganda team today Tuesday 13th December 2016, Oulanyah said that he was proud of the Ugandan team for putting up a spirited fight and uplifting Uganda at the International Championship.

“I am a believer in sports and I have seen how strong your team is. This win is very important for the growth of Motocross. I am proud that you are making great strides”, Oulanyah said.

The Deputy Speaker urged the team to work hard and coordinate with the media for visibility such that people may get to know about Motocross. He also requested the team to present their concerns to the committee on Education and Sports such that Motocross is given more prominence and publicity.

The Secretary General of the Ugandan Motor Cross Team, Joseph Mwangala highlighted the challenges that the team faces, such as limited funding and appealed for government support.

Mwangala said that Motocross will be the dream and inspirational sport for every age group in Uganda because it is a sport for all ages; citing how the Ugandan team is comprised of kids as young as 6.

The Team Captain, Maxim Van Pee extended his appreciation to the Deputy Speaker for giving them audience, and called for tax exemption on motor cycles imported for Motocross.

“If rally cars are exempted from tax, why not motor bikes meant for rallies? We would like to see that motocross is given the same value just like any other sport,” Van Pee said.

Over the weekend, the team led by Van Pee beat Kenya in the 2016 FIM Africa Central Motocross Championship (CAC), putting Uganda top in East Africa. Team Uganda despite having the smallest number of people (18) put on a tough act and won by 40 points

Other winners included Aviv Orland, Barak Orland and Miguel Katende who added victory to the Ugandan team in the MX85, Vets class and 50peewee respectively.

Source: parliamentary-news

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