Police Nets over 1800 Drivers in Operation Fiika Salaama

Police Nets over 1800 Drivers in Operation Fiika Salaama

By Serestino Tusingwire

Traffic Police has already arrested over 1800 drivers over lack of permits and reckless driving in operation Fiika Salaama.

The famous operation Fiika Salaama (reach safely) was reintroduced to prevent accidents as people travel to different areas for Christmas.

While appearing at NBS television this morning, the Director of Traffic, Dr. Steven Kasiima said traffic police is determined to ensure safe driving along the roads as many people head to upcountry to celebrate Christmas with their families.

“We have so far arrested 1,800 drivers without permits. Our focus is much on bus drivers. There’s no bus driver who is not vetted. After vetting, they are given badges. Now, these conductors have no chance of driving,” Kasiima said.

It’s should be noted that traffic police bought speed guns that are able to detect the vehicle on a terrific speed from a distance.

“Speed guns are working perfectly. They can detect from a distance of 2km. They are not many because they are very expensive.”

However, despite the police efforts to prevent accidents, some minor accidents continue to be reported on a daily basis.

“The whole of last night, we had two minor accidents involving buses, there were no injuries,” Kasiima added.

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