Relief of troops in Somalia ends

Relief of troops in Somalia ends

A relief exercise of 2745 UPDF troops replacing those who have worked in Somalia for the last one year, has ended successfully without any mishap.

The last flight of the new troops (Battle Group XX) from Entebbe arrived in Mogadishu yesterday morning at Aden Abdulle International Airport with one hundred and forty nine troops on board and took back an equivalent number, marking the end of a three weeks long rotation exercise.

The commander of Battle Group XVII, Col Bob Paciesky Ogiki led the last troops on the flight manifest from the mission area (Somalia) that landed in Entebbe Airport this evening at 1700Hrs.

Before his departure, Battle Group XVII Commander, Col Bob Ogiki handed over the area of operation to Col. Bernard Tuhame, the commander of the new force, Battle Group twenty. The handover ceremony was presided over by Uganda Contingent Commander Brigadier Sam Okiding, who is also due for rotation out of the mission area.

Brig. Okiding congratulated Battle Group XVII for having successfully accomplished the tasks assigned to them and applauded them for exhibiting the highest level of discipline during their tour of duty in Somalia.

He urged the in-coming battle group commander, Col. Tuhame, to ensure force protection, listen to orders and maintain discipline of his troops.

Battle group XX has taken over areas of Barawe in lower Shabelle Region in Somalia and its surroundings.

It forms part of the Uganda contingent in Somalia which take charge of sector one.

The Sector comprises of Lower Shabelle and Banadir regions of Somalia that includes Mogadishu city.

The Government of Uganda Contributes over 6000 troops to AMISOM as part of its contribution to regional peace and stability in the African continent.

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