Alcohol, Cigarattes Kill Capital FM’s Alex’ Reproductive System

Alcohol, Cigarattes Kill Capital FM’s Alex’ Reproductive System

By Amwiine Newton

Word around town is that the veteran spin master and the most paid DJ of Uganda’s popular radio station is one of the celebrities struggling to have kids.

Alex Ndawula who is one of the most famous names in radio business, is one of the few celebrities who bonk tubeless but fail to fertilize.

Alex who has been on radio since early 90’s has been struggling in relationships and cannot settle in it for over a year. He hits and runs.

This website understands that his last relationship hit the rocks in 2014 due to his severe smoking and drinking habits.

The frustrations he got after he was dumped by his soulful lover made him find solace in alcohol that in the long run affected his reproductive system and can’t reproduce.

Some of the other celebs struggling to have kids include; Sheilla Nvanungi, Angella Kakatumba and Jane Kasumba, others are about to be listed.

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