DP’s Kezaala Throws in the Towel

DP’s Kezaala Throws in the Towel

By Rebeccah Wasen

The Democratic Party Chairman, Mohammed Baswaale Kezaala, has resigned as party Chair in favor of his new appointment by the President.

Kezaala held a media briefing last evening in Jinja and confirmed he had written to the deputy secretary general of the Democratic Party resigning from his position.

“Ref; Resignation as the national chairman of the Democratic Party, I wish to officially communicate to you that I have been proposed for a position in the diplomatic service of Uganda as a deputy ambassador and as a result, allow me to tender in my resignation from the position of national chairman with immediate effect.” Kezaala stated in the letter.

According to Kezaala, he was forced to resign from this position due to the fact that the new appointment needs a lot of time and could not handle the two at once

“Being a civil service job, which do not require partisanship, and for the fact that I may not be available, I will be unable to serve our party in the capacity of national chairman,” he noted.

Kezaala was appointed deputy ambassador on Friday last week by the President Museveni and is awaiting vetting to confirm his appointment.

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