Gen. Saleh In Spotlight Over Foiled Attack On NRM HQs

Gen. Saleh In Spotlight Over Foiled Attack On NRM HQs


Gen. Salim Saleh has been sucked into a dreadful saga in which a group of attackers comprising of NRA veterans tried to break into NRM head quarters. The party hochos at plot 10 Kyaddondo are now demanding a detailed explanation from Saleh on whether he sanctioned this raid on the head quarters or not and also gives reasons why. The general who is president Museveni’s young brother came into this picture after the attackers’ leader Rose Birungi alleged to have been sent by Saleh whom she claimed to be working with.

On Wednesday, business wasn’t smooth as usual at NRM head quarters. The ruling party’s head offices spent a better part of day struggling to throw out a group of alleged attackers led by Birungi. The group allegedly was demanding for a share of shs500m which Museveni allegedly gave to NRM Diaspora league led by Abbey Walusimbi during campaigns and also another share of shs27bn which the president allegedly gave to the secretariat bosses during campaigns.

The group of alleged attackers included among others a one Kagame Nsubuga Yesigye, Birungi Rose, Enock Sserwadda and Frank Asiimwe. Kagame according to NRM security was deported from Califonia back into Uganda while Birungi was also allegedly deported after she was involved in alleged drug trafficking. She used to live in UK. When she was netted, she was caged for four years in Brockhill jail in Yorkshire-United Kingdom after which she was allegedly deported.

Sserwadda is alleged to be an NRA veteran who is heavily disgruntled after president Museveni allegedly ‘gave’ him carbon dioxide type of vehicle when he lost his car in 2011. Sserwadda also had a stint in Zambia according to the brief we got.

According to top sources in NRM secretariat, this group of attackers was able to access the premises disguising as Diaspora members. Others claimed that they are NRA veterans while others claimed to be part of a group called Forum for the Unemployed NRM [FUN].

“They stormed the NRM head quarters with a lot of ease and immediately confronted the NRM top leaders including the Deputy Secretary General Richard Todwong until they were over powered by security personnel. The attackers were led by Rose Birungi who identified herself as an Aide to General Salim Saleh” a top source at the head quarters told us.

The sources stated that upon interrogation, Birungi allegedly claimed to be a member of the Diaspora but it was claimed that she was deported.
“She arrived at the NRM HQ with some tall and stern looking boys who claimed to be security officers with the Special Forces Command headed by Col. Don Nabaasa. But when our security quizzed them further they melted away saying that they had only come to escort their sister on a mission which they did not know” top sources told us.

The sources added that Birungi claimed that she had been sent by General Salim Saleh and President Museveni to sort out Diaspora issues at Kyaddondo because they believe that the Diaspora Chairman Abbey Walusimbi through the Secretariat had been given Uganda shillings 500 million by President Museveni. Upon getting this bonanza, Walusimbi allegedly failed to declare the money. The same group according to sources in the party believed they are entitled to campaign money worth shs27billion allegedly given to the secretariat to run the campaigns.

“These Diaspora members have become a big embarrassment to the Diaspora community and the country as a whole. They are expected to behave like people that have lived in the developed world and not like hooligans who think they can claim titles whenever they want and impose themselves wherever they want” a disgusted party official fumed.

Sources stated that the situation was normalised when Todwong marshalled security to clear the attackers from the NRM HQ.
“I want to warn you never to return here. You will be arrested. The secretariat is also going to take up the matter with General Saleh to confirm if Rose Birungi is his Aide the Camp and on what basis she had been deployed to disorganise the ruling Party HQ” sources quoted Todwong as saying after the incident.

The NRM Diaspora league is currently embroiled in a leadership wrangle with some group mainly that of UK chapter being sharply divided. Recently, we reported how this chapter had held a crisis meeting after information leaked that a breakaway faction led by Patrick Asiimwe had allegedly formed a parallel league. Walusimbi later organised a meeting where a new leadership led by Drake Wakame was elected.  However, Walusimbi remains the overall league chairperson despite opposition against him mainly from among the elites especially lawyers. Efforts to speak to Birungi were futile on phone by press time. On the other hand, the secretariat is also fighting running battles with its staff led by EC chairman Tanga Odoi over campaign money and salaries. It was therefore feared that such raids could have been fueled by financial grumblings.

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