Kato Lubwama Formally Taken to Court over Fake Academic Documents

Kato Lubwama Formally Taken to Court over Fake Academic Documents

By Serestino Tusingwire

Habib Buwembo on Friday 30th December, 2016 formally filed an election petition challenging Kato Lubwama’s academic qualifications.

This came 11 days after court presided over by Justice Oumo-Oguli allowed Buwembo to file a petition despite the fact that it was already past the stipulated time to file election petitions.

Section 60 of the Parliamentary Elections Act, had stood in Buwembo’s way, since it stipulates that an MP’s election can be challenged within 30 days after being gazette, yet Buwembo petitioned months after.

However, Justice Oumo-Oguli, reasoned out that the case was very special because she cited fraud in the way Lubwama was nominated for the election without accurate academic papers.

“Fraud is a serious allegation and it should be taken seriously and carefully. It cannot be just wished away just because of a technicality. Matters pertaining to an MP’s qualification are of great national importance. ” Justice Oumo-Oguli ruled.

Unlike his earlier application where he targeted Lubwama and the Electoral Commission, Buwembo has now added Makerere University to his suit.

He accuses Makerere University of erroneously, illegally and fraudulently admitting Lubwama through the Mature Entry Scheme to study a diploma programme leading to the award of a Diploma in Music, Dance and Drama on January 20 1995.

Meanwhile, Lubwama also awaits Justice Margaret Oumo-Oguli’s decision to allow him appeal against her ruling that gave Buwembo the go ahead to sue the MP.

The judge will decide whether Kato should appeal on January 5.

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