Rtd Archbishop Nkoyoyo Very Ill

Rtd Archbishop Nkoyoyo Very Ill

By Our Reporters

Family sources have just revealed a few minutes ago that Rtd Church of Uganda Archbishop Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo is grievously ill and was a few days ago flown to London.

Nkoyoyo, who has since been diagnosed with throat cancer, was shocked to learn this cancer in advanced stages.

He remains in London and family sources say time is running out as he must raise $60,000 (almost Shs200m) to access the badly needed surgery.

Complaining of betrayal by Museveni’s State House, whose interests critics have always accused him of serving, Nkoyoyo’s family members have resorted to Tofaali-like fundraising from well wishers in London.

Enock Mayanja Kiyaga, a DP man who previously worked with Radio One, is among the volunteers and family friends spearheading this fundraising. Nkoyoyo’s predicament is very strange given his closeness to both President Museveni and Kabaka of Buganda both of whom are men of great financial capabilities.

Have they abandoned him?  What could be the reasons?  Watch this space for more updates!

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