Court Nullifies Justice Kavuma Orders

CONTROVERSIAL: Justice Steven Kavuma is famous for issues one man orders

The Constitutional Court has nullified all interim orders issues after declaring them illegal.

Justices Elizabeth Musoke, Fredrick Egonda Ntende and Kenneth Kakuru made the decision Thursday morning at the constitutional court in Kampala.

This means all controversial orders issues by Justice Steven Kavuma are now null and void and are nearby scrapped.

The three justices unanimously ruled that all orders issues by one justice are in contravention of the constitution of the Uganda.
They ruled that the interim orders made one judge contravened Article 137 -2 of the Constitution.

That constitutional article requires that applications for orders in the Constitutional Court and the Court of Appeal be heard and decided on by a full panel of five judges. Justice kavuma is famous for issuing interim orders by himself.

“All interim orders issued by a single justice of the Constitutional Court which are still in force are null and void and of no effect,” said Justice Kakuru.

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