Deadly Tribal Clash Leaves Hundreds Homeless in Arua

Deadly Tribal Clash Leaves Hundreds Homeless in Arua

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi

A nasty tribal clash has left hundreds of locals homeless in Arua district.

Police said close to 60 homesteads have been abandoned, houses destroyed and animals looted in a fight in which locals of Galanji clan attacked the people of Kakwa and Yivo clans, all in Ayivuni Sub County, Arua district.

Galanji comprises of Kijorokubo, Nunu and Kubu villages while Yivo and Kakwa are both in Odravu village.

According to Martin Odipiyo, the officer in charge of Odramacaku police post in Ayivuni Sub County, the fight started on Tuesday shortly after the death of Isaac Andama, 24, a member of Galanji clan.

Andama was reported stabbed to death in the night of January 31, 2017 while on his way home from Arua town by unknown people.

However, Odipiyo said following a long time land feud between the two parties, the angry members of Galanji clan suspected that the deceased was killed by the people of Kakwa and Yivo clans.

As a result, Odipiyo said the people of Galangi ganged up to storm the homes of the accused persons, and started beating them up hence forcing them into exile in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo and Maracha district.

“The suspects destroyed about 17 houses in Odravu village, looted animals, stole and destroyed household property worth millions of shillings,” said Odipiyo.

Odipiyo said when police intervened, the attacking locals from Galanji clan also fled in to DR Congo for fear of being arrested.

But while assessing the level of destruction on Thursday, Jonathan Musinguzi, the Arua DPC said police has so far arrested four people in connection with the attacks.

Musinguzi warned that the hunt for the suspects is still ongoing, promising that they will all be arrested and brought to book.

“We shall not accept this to happen here. Since the locals have chose to take the law in to their own hands, we are going to hunt them down one by one,” Musinguzi emphasized.

He said all those arrested will be arraigned in Courts of law to answer charges of malicious damage, theft and assault.

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