Lango Gets Zonal Lands Office

Lango Gets Zonal Lands Office

By Milton Emmy Akwam

Hundreds of thousands of locals and leaders across Lango sub-region were on Thursday excited after President Museveni opened the seventh regional office for Lands.

The zonal lands office is located in Central division, Lira Municipality and will serve the eight districts in the sub-region.

According to President Museveni, the office is instrumental and would make it easy for locals to get quick land titles, land survey at cheap rates.

Museveni told the people of Lango and Uganda that government would ensure poor families get land titles at cheaper rates.

“This office I commissioned today will help you get to know more issues about land; and having land titles without traveling to Entebbe,” Museveni said.

He urged locals to fence their lands legally (by getting land title) or physically by barbed wires so that nobody encroaches on it.

“When I buy a soda and I open but fails to close and flies enter, it’s not a fault of flies but me. So, make you fence your land so next time Karamojong do not enter,” he said in response to Karamojong invasion of Lango districts’ of Otuke and Alebtong.

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