M7 Re-Instates UPPC’s MD Irene Muwanguzi

M7 Re-Instates UPPC’s MD Irene Muwanguzi

By Our Reporters

President Museveni has unilaterally re-appointed top city corporate Irene Muwanguzi Wasike back as MD for Entebbe-based Uganda Printing &Publishing Corporation (UPPC).

Formed in 1960s and supervised directly by President’s office, UPPC is by law mandated to do all government ministries and MDAs printing jobs.

Her reappointment was announced by her line Minister Esther Mbayo in a letter to IGG Mulyagonja. Muwanguzi had been forced out months ago by a group of old BOD members led by Eddie Ococ closely working with some dubious staff members who didn’t want her in office.

At first their decision to remove her was reversed by IGG Irene Mulyagonja whose discovered that it were actually the BOD members and some management guys that needed reprimanding and not Muwanguzi.

In fact Mulyagonja ordered then presidency minister Frank Tumwebaze to immediately knife Ococ and other BOD members  with a view of having some of them criminally prosecuted for fraudulent activities.

Tumwebaze managed the situation politically by allowing them to finish their term since it was just months to end and argued expelling them would attract endless litigation in case the aggrieved went to court.

His idea was allow them finish their term but don’t reappoint them and that exactly is what happened. However, after Ococ’s BOD quit some management guys sponsored a former employee to go to court challenging Muwanguzi’s contract. It was this curious court order that was used to humiliatingly get her out of office. Unknown to her pursuers, Muwanguzi had weeks earlier established direct contact with Museveni who had received intelligence reports regarding her innocence and work ethic.

Sources say even the day she was humiliatingly evicted from office by hired armed men, Museveni got a report regarding what happened and watched video clips showing the babe from Manafwa being dragged on the tarmac outside UPPC offices.

He was very busy but assured new Presidency Minister Esther Mbayo something had to be done to atone the damage caused to Muwanguzi who sources described as State House new blue eyed girl favored by influential Museveni palace officials like Molly Kamukama, the new PPS.


According to Mbayo, January 9th 2017 was the last time Museveni met a tearful Muwanguzi at State House Entebbe and registered his sympathies with the way she was persecuted by haters in UPPC.

In her latest two page letter to IGG Mulyagonja, Mbayo discloses that Museveni has directed that Muwanguzi be immediately reinstated as MD.

She is supposed to bounce back and Mbayo’s work is to only regularize her return to office with even more powers. We are told there are multi-trillion joint venture projects involving the Germans (revitalizing UPPC and make it the best in EA) which Museveni specifically wants Muwanguzi to handle.

In fact even when she was out of office Muwanguzi has been doing UPPC work including regularly travelling to Germany to follow up on Museveni’s joint venture-related assignments.

In fact on learning of this, UPPC management had planned to publish a disclaimer notice in newspapers warning the public not to deal with her as MD but they backed off on getting reports the big one from Rwakitura was behind her actions.

In her letter, copied to the President, Attorney General and PPS, Mbayo asks Mulyagonja to write an opinion guiding her on how to go about the whole reinstatement project since UPPC is one entity Mulyagonja has thoroughly investigated before and she fully knows its unique challenges.

We are told the IGG’s written guidance is expected in the coming days and Muwanguzi will early next month be back in office doing her duties as freshly re-assigned by the President.

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