Magombe Spit Venom over Allegations That He Belongs to Opposition

Magombe Spit Venom over Allegations That He Belongs to Opposition

Mbale: Vicent Magombe, a former aspirant for Mbale LC5 seat has spit fire on those who claim that he belongs to the opposition.

In his news letter released last week, Magombe accuse the current LC5 chairman Benard Mujasi and the district NRM chairman Muhamood Masaaba for being the masterminds in creating divisionism in the district politics and spoiling the name of Minister Micheal Werikhe.

Mujasi and Masaaba reportedly accused Welikhe for funding Magombe whom they claim he belongs to the opposition.

“The claim that Welikhe is funding me is baseless. Welikhe is my MP because I reside in Bungokho south, and we have worked together on various party assignments over the years but he is not funding me.” Magombe said in the letter.

He added that he a staunch NRM supporter having served it since 1982 and that those who are branding him as an opposition member have their own motives.

“I belong to NRM, I only decided to stand as an independent in the 2016 elections because my votes in the primaries were rigged and I was denied victory.” Magombe said.

Magombe therefore accuse Mujasi and Masaaba of hypocrisy, pretending that they are the best NRM supporters ever yet they have been occasionally supported different candidates against NRM flag bearers.

According to Magombe, during the L.C III elections for Bungokho sub-county, Masaba and Mujasi supported Washaki Ahamad the convert independent against Mabonga Robert who was the NRM flag bearer.

The two allegedly supported the Independent Karim Muliro against flag bearer Wakalawo Sam in Busano   L.C V Councilor race. The same applied in Bukonde sub-county when they supported Sulai Mumeya against the flag bearer Kahandi Hussein.

Magombe further accused the two for supporting FDC’s Muhamed Mafabi against NRM flag bearer Henry Manana in the District Speaker race.

Magombe asked that if Mujasi, Masaaba and others know themselves as best NRM mobilisers ever, how come Museveni lost against Besigye even at their own polling stations yet at his, Museveni won.

Check the table below.


Masaba Muhamood Nabumali School for the blind Nyondo 297 272
Benard Mujasi Busiu Township

A – M

Busiu 195 85
Shiraku Moses Lumbuku P/S Busiu 294 80
Ahmed Washaki Shananda Bungokho S/C 166 119
Werikhe Michael Manyenya P/S Busoba 197 220
Watamba Steven Lwalela P/S Bungokho 227 271
Magombe V Bulugele Catholic Church Nambale 138 177
  Source: 2016 presidential election results Mbale District



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