Mugabe Marks 93rd Birthday Today

Mugabe Marks 93rd Birthday Today

By Serestino Tusingwire

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe – the world’s oldest serving head of state – is 93 years old.

Mugabe was born in February 21, 1924 in the city suburb of Kutama, Zimbabwe.

He’s been in power since 1980 and says he has no intentions of stepping down.

He’s the only leader most Zimbabweans have ever known, spending nearly 37 years at the helm since independence from Britain and the end of white minority rule in Rhodesia in April 1980.

First Lady Grace Mugabe said he would still win an election, even if he was a corpse.

However, Mugabe is blamed by his critics, including the United States, for mismanaging the economy and making a once-prosperous southern African country poor.

But his supporters in and out of Zimbabwe see him as an African nationalist who championed the cause of the continent and helped fight apartheid in neighboring South Africa as one of the leaders of the frontline states.

The nonagenarian has been endorsed by his governing Zanu-PF party as its candidate for elections next year, when he’ll be 94.

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