We Yet To Find Out the Cause Of Todwong Shooting – Lumumba

We Yet To Find Out the Cause Of Todwong Shooting – Lumumba

By Serestino Tusingwire

Controversy continues to flow over the shooting of a senior ruling party official Richard Todwong.

According to the NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba, the shooting incident took place on the Kampala-Gulu Highway when Todwong tried to rain-in on an error-ed truck driver accused of knocking dead a motorcyclist and attempting to run away.

“The driver of the truck, registration number 307UAG, knocked a bodaboda and the cyclist died, but the driver continued unbothered. Todwong as a senior citizen and a concerned person followed this lorry and tried to overtake it but the truck driver couldn’t allow him that chance, so he pulled out a pistol and shoot in the air to scare the driver to stop,” Lumumba said.

Todwong was on Sunday morning flown to Kampala by a military helicopter and was rushed to Kampala International Hospital.

Party officials revealed that investigations are still taking place to find out whether Todwong shot himself accidentally or was shot by strangers.

“Nobody can explain how Todwong was shot, because the bullet entered his body through just above the knee and came out on the upper part of the thigh,” Lumumba explained.

She however noted that Todwong is in a stable condition as doctors continue to work on him.

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