Angela, Minister Banyenzaki Reunite

Angela, Minister Banyenzaki Reunite

Celebrated musician Angella Katatumba and former minister Henry Banyenzaki have finally reunited after a long time of not Seeing Eye to eye.

Banyenzaki, who is the state minister for Economic Monitoring, was once a very close friend of singer Angella, especially during her struggling days as a musician.

They would often be spotted around city hangouts enjoying coffee and at time just lounging.

However, our Snoops reveal that after having a nice time for a few months, Angella and Banyenzaki developed misunderstandings that saw them part ways and cut off communication with each other for a very long time, until recently when they mended ties.

This comes after our Moles spotting Banyenzaki in Rwebishokye village, Mbarara district a few days back consoling Angella during the burial ceremony of her demised father ambassador Boney Katatumba.

They were snapped lurking around each other, with Banyenzaki seemingly taking care of Angella, something he hadn’t done in a very long time.

Watch this space Angella and Banyenzaki’s sex secrets!!

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