Bakiga, Iteso Women Batter Men Most

A new study by Uganda Bureau Of Statistics (UBOS) has shattered long held beliefs about sexual violence patterns in Uganda.

It revealed that contrary to popular beliefs about gender based violence, the men in Teso and Kigezi are the most sexually abused by women in the entire country.

Sexual violence is defined as any sexual act or attempt to obtain a sexual act by the use of violence and or coercion.

The UBOS study titled The Uganda Demographic and Health Survey of 2016, found that 7.9% of the men in Teso region have been victims of sexual violence. This means that almost 8 men out of 100 in Teso region have been forced into sex by women in the last year alone.

The same survey discovered that in Kigezi region, the number of men subjected to sexual violence last year was 7.4percent.

Karamoja region scored 0.3%, Lango Region scored 1%, Ankole region scored 2.7%, Busoga region 3.2%, Bunyoro region 3.3%, Bugisu region 4%, West Nile region 4.1%, North Central Region 4.4%, Toro Region scored 5.3% while South Central Region scored 5.7%.

Most of the sexually abused men live in rural areas.

The survey found that married men living with their wives suffer the most sexual violence as opposed to men who aren’t married or living with women.

Whereas the stunning statistic was of men getting forced into sexual acts by women, the survey found that women overall suffer the most sexual violence in Uganda.

22% of women aged between 15-49 have experienced some form of sexual violence at one time in their lives compared to only 8% of men.

Last year alone, 13% of women nationally experienced some form of sexual violence compared to just 4% of men surveyed..

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