Carol Flower Broke My heart – Gitawo

Carol Flower Broke My heart – Gitawo

South Africa based Sangoma Cameroon Gitawo has recently  been in the news  for  allegedly snatching a married babe, who is  NTV’s GXP presenter Carol Flower.

However, he has finally come out to reveal why his relationship with the  insanely gorgeous TV presenter failed to work out. According to Pepper Snoops, he was recently overheard telling friends that “I was madly  in love with Carol. I was ready to raise her kids as mine because I already have kids. I was ready to do anything for her and she is aware but she was not ready to be judged. She loved me but  was scared of  fighting for our love.”

He added “It was real for me but I was heartbroken. I was disappointed when she chose not to fight for our love.”

It should be noted that sexy Carol split with her husband Cooper Ssali aka G-way two years ago and hooked Gitawo.

Gitawo jetted into the country in August 2015 to accompany her to ‘Friends of Bebe Cool’ concert at Serena Hotel. Smitten Carol picked Gitawo from the Entebbe Airport when he landed and they enjoyed themselves all the time he was around.

The two were like Siamese twins during Abraynz Fashion Awards at Serena Hotel the same year. If you met Carol and Gitawo then, you would think they were newlyweds.

The way they would keep touching and whispering sweet nothings to each other made Ssali shed tears. This forced Pastor Robert Kayanja, to intervene and try to save their crumbling marriage of 8 years.

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