Chameleone Postpones concert Again, Advised to Hit Studio

Chameleone Postpones concert Again, Advised to Hit Studio

Singer Jose Chameleone is known for throwing annual concerts and people were worried when he didn’t throw one last year-probably because he didn’t have as many hit songs.

Chameleone, who had scheduled his Lugogo Cricket Oval concert for 19th May 2017, has once again postponed it to a new date, 30th June.

This is after the Uganda Cricket Association that is in charge and maintains the Cricket Oval, announced that they will be hosting the World Cricket League (Div 3) on that date.

The association will handle over the Oval on 1st May to the International Cricket Association. About ten countries, from all over the world, are expected to participate.

When Chameleone was advised to change venue and go to Lugogo grounds so that the concert happens in May, in his own words, he said, “I can’t go back to Lugogo, I have since grown musically and upgraded to Cricket Oval. I will hold my concert at Cricket Oval”.

He was then advised that since he has not had a headlining song since 2015, he use this added time to release his new music and circulate it, such that fans can resonate with his new songs when he performs. The pencil thin singer claims that he will deliver quality on the D-day.

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