Cheating Wife Nabbed With Side-dish

Cheating Wife Nabbed With Side-dish


By Our Reporter


A trader in Nateete, a Kampala suburb mid this week dragged his wife, who is a mother of three  to police, after nabbing her with a Side-dish and accusing her of allegedly producing a child with her lover.

Emma Mawejje, a trader in Kampala, accuses his wife Ritah Mawejje, whom he married in 2012, of severally cheating on him with her Side-dish identified as Mohammed Byansi. Mawejje also accuses Ritah of allegedly producing a child (their third born) with Byansi, while still living at their marital home.

It is alleged that on Wednesday afternoon Mawejje nabbed Ritah shamelessly dishing out her Kandahar to Byansi at his rented house in Busega, yet she had told him that she was going to visit her relatives.

On being tipped off by his spies, Mawejje went with cops to Byansi’s rented house and they smoked out the cheating couple, before dragging them to Nateete police station.

However, while at police, Ritah denied allegations of cheating on Mawejje with Byansi. She claimed that her hubby had abandoned her, reason why she had sought solace at Byansi’s house, to give her dime to buy food.


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