Chief Justice Katurebe: I Won’t Cling Onto Power

Chief Justice Katurebe: I Won’t Cling Onto Power

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has declared his intentions to retire from office when he clocks the mandatory retirement age of 70, which is in three years time.

Katureebe told a gathering of Namilyango College old boys at the weekend that; ‘three years from now, I will be 70 and I promise you that I will leave office without a whimper.’

Katureebe was chief guest at the function marking the school’s 115 years of existence.

Supreme Court judges are obligated to retire when they clock 70 yeas of age and Katurebe will hit that mark on June 15th, in 2020.

Katureebe said: “I always do what I can honestly do. I will make my mistakes, but they will be honest mistakes. An honest mistake can be corrected but not a deliberate mistake. When people make deliberate mistakes, we have every reason to be afraid.”

Three years ago the then chief Justice Benjamin Odoki clocked 70 years and was supposed to retire but he was reappointed by president Yoweri Museveni for two more years plunging the judiciary into a crisis. Lawyers went to court and court ruled Odoki’s reappointment to be unconstitutional.

The Judiciary was further plunged into uncertainty last year when reports emerged that Justice Steven Kavuma had tried to alter his official age in an attempt to push ahead his retirement date by swearing an affidavit saying his date of birth had been erroneously recorded making him older than what he actually is.

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