Gashumba, BBS TV Star In Multimillion Scam

Gashumba, BBS TV Star In Multimillion Scam

Kampala businessman cum activist Frank Gashumba and a BBS TV star only  identified as  Salome have been accused of running a scam in which they allegedly con millions of shillings from people, under the guise of connecting them to President Yoweri Museveni.

The two  have been exposed after they allegedly conned Shs2.5m from Joseph Ssekayomba, promising to take him to China, something they never did.

In January this year Salome, a UK based Nkuba Kyeyo approached Ritah, a blogger, telling her that she had a deal in Uganda involving top government officials who had tipped her that the President was travelling to China.

Salome said she needed people in Uganda interested and who could pay Shs5M each to be added on that trip. That Shs5M was for visa and air ticket.

Ssekayomba was contacted by a relative, who informed him about the deal. Ssekayomba, who’d just returned from Dubai fell for the deal. He got Salome’s contacts and she told him to pay Shs5M to be included on the trip. He told her that he could pay Shs2.5M first and the balance after seeing the VISA. She agreed and told him to give the money to Gashumba.

Ssekayomba allegedly met Gashumba and gave him the dime. After a week, he called, but was told the money had been sent to UK. When Salome was called, she said that she had been busy, but asked Ssekayomba to submit his passport to Gashumba. A week later, Gashumba allegedly called Sekayomba using phone number 0792226622 and asked him to pay Shs5M upfront, which he said he didn’t have.

Gashumba said he wouldn’t process the paperwork until Ssekayomba paid the money, like his other colleagues. Left with no choice, Ssekayomba demanded for his money and passport to be returned. But to date Gashumba and Salome have never complied.

Gashumba has since started avoiding Sekayomba’s calls and Salome ignores the messages he sends her. Whatsapp messages between Sekayomba’s relatives, Gashumba and Salome over the same matter have leaked to Pepper Online and here they are;












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