Ghosts Haunt Brazilian President, Runs Away from his Palace

Ghosts Haunt Brazilian President, Runs Away from his Palace

The president of Brasil has moved out of his official residence, blaming ‘bad vibes’ and even ghosts for the disturbance.

Michel Temer, 76, and his former beauty queen wife Marcela, 33, have left the Alvorada Palace in Brasilia and moved a mile away to the traditional residence of the vice-president.

President Temer said he found the cavernous modernist building spooky and his seven-year-old son was the only one who liked the home.

He said: ‘I felt something strange there. I wasn’t able to sleep right from the first night. The energy wasn’t good.

‘Marcela felt the same thing. Only [their son] Michelzinho, who went running from one end to the other, liked it.’

‘We even started to wonder: could there be ghosts?,’ he said to Brazilian newspaper Veja.

The Alvorada palace, which means Dawn, was designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer and boasts a pool, football field, chapel, medical centre and lawn.

According to a report in Globo newspaper, Marcela Temer brought in a priest to attempt to drive out any evil spirits, but to no avail.

The Temers then moved to the still luxurious but smaller Jaburu Palace nearby.

This was Temer’s residence when he served as vice president until last year.

He became president when Dilma Rousseff was impeached for breaking budget accounting laws.

No one filled his vacant vice presidential post meaning he can now take his pick of palaces.

The house moving comes in the middle of a severe political crisis for Brazil, with many of Temer’s allies facing potential corruption probes.

The president himself is battling a case in the electoral court where he is accused of having benefited from illegal donations when he and Rousseff ran together in 2014.

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