Gitawo Dumps City Vixen, Hooks Actress

Gitawo Dumps City Vixen, Hooks Actress

South African Sangoma, Chris Cameroon Gitawo who is a self-sang “bar tycoon” has dumped city glamour girl and video vixen Rashida for a South African actress only identified as Vivienne.

Our sources say that Rashida has vowed to thump Vivienne if she doesn’t back off her man.

It is said that Gitawo scored a goal in Rashida’s fertile chambers, but up to now we haven’t seen the baby.

Rashida alleges that she has been through a lot with Gitawo and can’t let any woman snatch him away.

She broke up with Gitawo briefly and they later worked out their difference. They have been an item for some time.

In one of the leaked pictures, Gitawo is seen clearly with Rashida in a rather salacious and wanton manner that it is almost obvious that what was going on that bed was far more than just friendly Selfies.

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