I Want Traffic Police Off Streets – M7

I Want Traffic Police Off Streets – M7

By Henry Mulindwa 

President Yoweri Museveni on Monday 20th March ordered for immediate procurement and installation of Security cameras in the town.

The president was addressing the press at his new state lodge and demonstration farm at Kawumu village in Luweero district.

“The delay to procure cameras was because of bad budgeting. People were insisting on salaries. But this time we must get cameras. They will stop all that no sense (murders) in the town. The cameras will also expose the traffic people. They wear white and you think they are Angels.  I have been telling Kale (IGP) that these traffic people should go. We should use cameras to control traffic in the city not this backward methods.  These chaps should go. You see them in white and think these are angels yet they are stealing angels,” he said.

Museveni’s outbursts came after Red Pepper asked him about what he is doing to stop rampant gun violence cases.

The president noted for example that last week’s murder of Andrew Felix Kaweesi was detectable if police was what he called serious.

“Even without cameras, if police was serious,  these people who killed Kaweesi could have been known. I am told they first reconnoiter” he said adding that the killing of VIPs who have armed guards is a sign of lack of vigilance and reaction on the side of police. He said Kaweesi killers even had time to first pretend to repair their motorcycle.

Museveni said if there was vigilance, such people would have been detected, but because of prevailing peace and stability, there’s laxity in intelligence gathering.

“Actually, the Kaweesi killers were even engaged by a private security guard. He tried to fire at them. But what I can say is that those killing people are gamblers taking advantage of poor intelligence and low vigilance” he said.

Museveni said much as the Kaweesis were armed, the shooting was one sided (from the killers) without any reaction. He however said the killers are going to be sorted.

“During campaigns, I said something about some people that they were pocking their fingers in the Leopard’s something. The statement attracted a lot of reaction.  But now, even these people are touching the Leopard’s…. They will see what will happen to them” he warned.


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