Ingrid Drags Nsereko to Court over Defamation

Ingrid Drags Nsereko to Court over Defamation

By Serestino Tusingwire

The FDC’s iron lady, Ingrid Turinawe dragged the Kampala central MP Muhammad Nsereko to court accusing him of uttering defamatory words against her by saying that she is the mastermind in the infamous pig protests at parliament.

According to Ingrid, Nsereko while appearing to one of the local TV station also said that she receives money from NRM for supplying NAADS seedlings, something she says made her lose the trust from fellow party members.

Ingrid argues that this was the reason why she couldn’t win the highly contested EALA race as MPs bashed her for protesting against them and not being royal to her party.

The High court in Kampala has therefore issued summons against to Nsereko to respond to claims.

According to the summons signed on Wednesday by the Deputy registrar in-charge of civil matters Alex Ajiji, Nsereko is given only 15 days within which to file his written defence in court or else Justice Patricia Wasswa Basaza may proceed to deliver a judgment without his side of the story.

Ingrid wants the Court to order Nsereko to pay her 400 million shillings as damages for the reputational injury she suffered since his words have portrayed her as someone who casts MPs as piglets.

Turinawe further wants court to compel Nsereko make a public apology using the same medium of communication he used while making the alleged defamatory statements.

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