Jeff Kiwa Threatens to Sue Mayanja Family

Jeff Kiwa Threatens to Sue Mayanja Family

Info from Team No Sleep (TNS) is that Jeff Kiwanuka has threatened to drag the Mayanja family to the courts of law if they do not stop harassing him.

This comes after Mzee Gerald Mayanja, father to singers Jose Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso demanded that Jeff be arrested over his son AK47’s controversial death.

Ever since the ‘Gal a Bubble’ hit maker died, questions have been asked regarding his untimely death with many of his family members pointing fingers at the TNS boss.

A few days back, Mzee Mayanja stormed Katwe Police Station asking why Jeff is not behind bars claiming that the latter knows something about the events leading to AK47’s death.

It should be noted, that after his death at Déjà vu bar in Kansanga, the case was first registered at Kabalagala Police, before being moved, after complaints of slow processes.

As a result of this, Jeff has warned the Mayanja family to back off or he will slap them with a law suit for
harassing him and tarnishing his name.

“Jeff is bitter. He is tired of people (Mayanjas) of harassing him and wants to take them to court if
they continue” intimates a source.

It should be noted that Jeff has dealt with most of the Mayanja brothers having managed Weasel, Pallaso and AK47 before his death.

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