Katongole, Singer Zanie Brown In Ugly Feud

Katongole, Singer Zanie Brown In Ugly Feud


By Pepper Snoops

War is raging on between TV presenter Katongole Omuntogole and sexy singer Zanie Brown.

Our Snoops intimate that a few months back, Katongole and Zanie were very inseparable and often partied together at city night spots.

During that time, Katongole was promising to promote her music by playing her songs on TV and radio in his programmes.

However, they fell out badly after Katongole realized that Zanie was deeply involved with a music promoter identified as Andy Mukasa of Bajjo Promotions. But ever since their fallout, Zanie claims that Katongole is allegedly frustrating her music career by sabotaging airplay for her music.

The Snoops reveal that “Zanie is so sad and blue, after her songs being denied airplay at Beat FM and Delta TV, where Katongole happens to be an employee.”

It should be noted that Katongole was once married to singer cum  TV presenter Tendo Tabel aka Lady Titie, but they split after she accused him of severally cheating  on him with numerous babes, amongst them Zanie.

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