MYSTERY: Did Kaweesi Show Priest ‘I Will Kill You’ SMS?

MYSTERY: Did Kaweesi Show Priest ‘I Will Kill You’ SMS?

Reports have emerged that murdered AIGP and former Police spokesman Felix Kaweesi, days before his murder, told a Catholic priest in confidence of a threat to kill him.

The strange claim has not been verified and the priest has not been named but published reports have quoted sources saying the information was coming from the unnamed priest.

The claim is even more strange because Kaweesi seems not to have done anything to improve his personal security both at home in Kulambiro and on the road.

Kaweesi, who normally wore a helmet when he would participate in breaking up political riots, didn’t even change his mode of transport or try to conceal his movements and yet he could tell a priest about fears about his life.

It has been reported that Kaweesi showed the priest a message on his mobile phone in the SMS app that read: “I will kill you.”

Apparently the message was sent from an unregistered telephone line or one with the caller ID concealed.

Kaweesi had at his disposal the entire police investigative machinery and it’s surprising that he didn’t deploy them to investigate such a serious threat and yet he deemed it threatening enough to tell it to a priest who at best could only offer prayers. That all this happened days to his murder makes the threat stunning.

It has been reported that the priest on reading the message even took a screenshot of the message and wondered why in this day and age, unregistered numbers were still in use.

Tech experts say that whereas the caller ID can be hidden on the part of the receiver of the message, the telecoms have a way of revealing the ID of the phone number that sent the threatening message and Kaweesi being highly trained and educated would in the least be aware of this.

It’s not clear if Kaweesi asked the police investigators to probe this threat by SMS.

It was reported that Kaweesi also revealed to the priest that he had just helped thwart a fraudulent transaction by a fellow police officer. It is not clear if the message was in response to the foiled transaction.

What is not clear also is whether Kaweesi knew the person responsible for the threatening SMS since he was aware of the ‘high ranking police officer’ whose lucrative deal he had scuppered. It is also not clear if the foiled deal and the ‘I Will Kill You’ SMS are related.

It is also not clear whether Kaweesi was constantly receiving such messages to the extent that he had grown immune to there threatening nature.

But then the question emerges, if he was immune to such anonymous threats, why did he confide in a catholic priest in this particular case. Was he just tying to highlight the professional hazards of working as a policeman in highly corrupt country like Uganda.



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