Nambooze Arrested over Controversial Meeting

Nambooze Arrested over Controversial Meeting

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze has this morning been arrested by Police as she tried to force her way into Nsambya Sharing Hall where she was scheduled to hold a meeting.

Nambooze and some other top DP members had planned to hold a consultative meeting with a section of DP members from Buganda sub-region under the theme, “Making DP Great Again”.

It should be noted that Nambooze who also doubles as the Buganda region DP vice president hasn’t been in good terms with the party president Nobert Mao over certain party issues.

Mao earlier this month issued a directive halting Nambooze from holding the meeting saying it was contrary to the party constitution, but Nambooze vowed to make her planned meeting happen.

Mao stated in his letter to Nambooze that the meeting was being convened contrary to the party constitution and a standing resolution of the National Executive Meeting (NEC), which requires regional leaders to coordinate their programmes with NEC and get prior approval.

However in her response, Nambooze said that Buganda is her jurisdiction and does not need to get approval to do her work from Mao or NEC.

Other people who have been arrested alongside Nambooze include; Kampala Central councillor, Moses Katabu and three other members of Uganda Young Democrats (UYD); Andrew Mugonza, Charles Waswa and Robison Kijjambu.

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