Policemen Sentenced To Death Over Murder

Policemen  Sentenced To Death Over Murder

By Agencies

Two policemen were this week convicted of murdering civilians by court in Nigeria which  sentenced them  to death.

The two cops had been arrested earlier on for shooting two people in 2007 who they  alleged were armed. But during cross-examination, the allegations of their victims’ being armed were proved to be total lies that policemen fabricated  to justify their actions, grounds on which court based to convict and sentence them to death.

Ezekiel Achejene and Emmanuel Baba were convicted of murdering two of the Apo Six – six young civilians who were shot dead in 2005.

Police initially tried to cover up the deaths, saying the victims were armed robbers who had opened fire first. But an earlier judicial panel of inquiry rejected that story. The government of former President Olusegun Obasanjo later apologised on behalf of the police for the killings and paid USD20,300 in compensation to each of the families.




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