Rapper Newton, Angela Katatumba In Bitter Split

Rapper Newton, Angela Katatumba In Bitter Split

Fallen tycoon Boney Katatumba’s daughter Angella Katatumba is not about to give the family grandchildren.

This is because word leaked after info leaking that she is no longer on bonking terms with her
American rapper Newton NTO, whom she was until recently calling Boyfie.

Our Moles reveal that although  Newton snatched Angela from her former hubby Ward Alonzo, an American she’d been  married to for 8 years, he is no longer in bed with her, after she allegedly failed to
give agree with him about certain matters.

According to our Moles, Angella and Newton failed to agree on among other things when to
settle down and start a family, since she kept saying that she is not ready yet.

As a result of this, Angella and Newton have since parted ways so much that even during the burial of her father in Mbarara last week; he was nowhere to be seen by her side.

However, Moles reveal that Angella’s family was also very influential in their failed relationship, because the In-laws had apparently never acknowledged Newton as a viable son-in-law, since he  has a fallen
past marriage with a daughter, yet Angella doesn’t have any tots.

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