Stecia ‘Faco’ Booty Raises Eyebrows

Stecia ‘Faco’ Booty Raises Eyebrows

Celebrated singer Stecia Mayanja shocked revelers at Mesach Ssemakula’s ‘Totya Bigambo’ concert at Hotel Africa on Friday night, after she allegedly showed up on borrowed booty.

Stecia, who has until recently been praised as one of the most bumlicious babes in Uganda, horrified partiers when she decided to pump her ‘Bumper’ with artificial bums, which made her rear package read ASS-ets appear somewhat  larger.

However, what Stecia didn’t realize was that her white body-hugging costume had betrayed and
exposed that she had worn the extra bum.

Unknowingly, Stecia had put on a costume which showed at the legs that beneath the outer clothing, there was another layer which wasn’t her actual body.

Look closely at the picture and see the start of her magical bum, which she could have got from Faco, a company known for selling synthetic booty parts!

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