Survivors Reveal Shocking Details About Jinja Road Accident

Survivors Reveal Shocking Details About Jinja Road Accident

A few people who survived a terrible accident that claimed several lives including that of Toroma County legislator Cyrus Amadoi have finally spoken out, revealing shocking details about the tragedy.

The gruesome accident occurred when the taxis; one from Old Taxi park registration number UAW 200W  which  was heading to Mbale and another taxi UAL 278L, rammed into a trailer and Fuso truck respectively.

The survivors who are undergoing medical attention at Jinja Referral Hospital revealed that the accident didn’t happen as earlier reported by several people.

Wilson Ngobi, who was near the building at the scene which was knocked, said that “I was walking home when I heard a loud bang and quickly ran to hide. I saw the trailer ramming into a taxi and dragging it into the building.”

Another eyewitness identified as Jackson Mwesigwa said that “Our taxi was knocked head-on by a   BIDCO trailer which was heavily loaded. The trailer swerved from its lane, lost control and rammed into our taxi which was heading to Mbale. I’m lucky I survived.”

Simon Peter Ochan, another survivor said that “Our driver wasn’t  driving recklessly. He was actually a very cooperative and understanding man. When he saw the trailer knocking the taxi that   was ahead of us, he tried to avoid ramming into both of them, but ended  up knocking a Fuso truck that was parked by the roadside.”

Joshua Mulinda, the truck driver said that “I don’t remember what happened. I only recall people trying to pull me out of the vehicle.”

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