Thugs Attack Homes, Hack Residents

Thugs Attack Homes, Hack Residents

The police in south-western Uganda are hunting for a gang of  thugs who attacked several villages in Masaka on Monday night, leaving one dead and many injured.

Cotilda Najjemba, one of the victims said that “The thugs, who were armed with pangas, axes, sticks and other weapons, came at around 1:00am. They confused the residents by pretending to be chasing thieves and raising a false alarm. So whoever came out of their house to respond to the alarm would be brutally attacked by the same thugs who were making    the false alarms. About 12 homes were attacked on villages like Kingo, Buwunga and others.”

She added that “That was how many of us ended up being severely injured, because the thugs lured us into their trap. But we were shocked because they never stole anything; not even the TV sets, phones or money. ”

Polly Kyobuzaale, a medic at Masaka referral hospital said “Many of these people  were brutally injured and had grave wounds. Actually one of them has since passed on, while the hospital advised others who are critically injured to seek specialized medication at Mulago hospital and other  bigger health  facilities.”

The  police are still hunting for the attackers although no suspects have been netted yet.

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