Thugs Rob Kyambogo Varsity Student, Thumped

Thugs Rob Kyambogo Varsity Student,Thumped

Kireka: Two thugs who have been waylaying students from Kyambogo University and other residents of Kireka Bbira zone to rob them were clobbered to pulp on Wednesday night.

By the time they were nabbed, the thugs, according to our sources, had robbed several people including Florence Namata, who claimed to be a student of Kyambogo University, from whom they stole a Smartphone and wallet.

However, Namata raised an alarm which attracted the attention of security personnel in the area, who launched a hunt for the thugs until they were nabbed. On being caught and checked, security personnel landed on the stolen Smartphone.

Meanwhile a mob which had gathered around the two at the scene started clobbering the thugs, until police rushed to the scene to take them to hospital, although by then they were dripping blood.

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