TV Star Emily Mwebaze Caught In Love Scandal

TV Star Emily Mwebaze Caught In Love Scandal


By Our Reporter


A gorgeous Urban TV presenter is trapped in a love scandal, after being accused of allegedly snatching a man from another babe.


Emily Mwebaze, a very appetizing babe, hit the limelight during her days at UBC TV where she was a news anchor. She later switched to Urban TV, where she is these days earning good dime.


However, our Snoops there reveal that she is currently accused by a city babe (Names withheld on request) of allegedly snatching her hubby, whom she (Emily) is set to wed very soon.

As if to throw more light on the allegations, Emily recently took to social media and posted thus; “I give him the best, if I snatched him then I am the best. I have heard those rumours but they won’t move me.

I have already introduced him and I am going to eat him for the rest of my life…”  This has however shocked very many of Emily’s pals, especially those who know that she was once ‘married’ to her baby daddy identified as Charles Muzahura.

However, they later developed irreconcilable woes as a result of their counteraccusations of infidelity, which saw them split bitterly.


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