TV Star Fifi’s Hips Raise Eyebrows

TV Star Fifi’s Hips Raise Eyebrows


By Our Reporter

Fionah Nabitengero aka Fifi da Queen, a TV presenter with Vision Group, some times  grows hips and at other times they disappear, something that is raising eyebrows amongst several Ugandans.

Fifi, who was once celebrated singer Ziza  Bafana’s lovers,  has put on very  curvaceous hips, which however seem to disappear and reappear as and when  required.

She was early this morning spotted by our Snoops looking all so curvy and hippy, yet a few days back the same Snoops saw  the same Fifi at a city hangout with lesser hips.

This has left not on the Snoops but even Fifi’s fans, because she seems to be having a secret with her magical hips.

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