Ugandans Bash Police over Sketches of Wanted Criminals

Ugandans Bash Police over Sketches of Wanted Criminals

By Serestino Tusingwire

Police in Kampala released sketches of the men suspected of killing police spokesperson Andrew Kaweesi and two of his colleagues, hours after the grisly shooting on Friday.

The posters of the wanted men have been pinned up in many areas around Kampala.

While doing our job of disseminating information in the help of police to find the suspected criminals, we posted the pictures on our social media pages, and the following are people’s reactions towards the cause:

Daniel Atwooki Babu UG police is not serious at all.they are to get people suspected for nothing because there are lots of innocent people resembling these clowns.

Phabert Monica Im smelling Diversion and I’m getting more suspicious about this death.when was this photo captured and why was the face smeared? Was it at the scene of previous offense or its smeared so that we look around and can’t see a face like this

Nandudu Robinah Winnie It reminds me of pictures displayed allover in search for an aide to one of the Presidential candidate’s 2016 who disappeared and later appeared. So continue with the series of drama.

Ajith Majok Education is very vital in one’s life, if you believe this in the 21st century then you are likely a psychopath. RIP Kaweesi.

Edward Kamya Obwo obufananyi babulabalaba da Ku katale e wandegeya. What is the hurry for? Please take time and do a good job. After all why hurry! You have never published any report on any incident!

Mukiisa Lamulah And who saw dat they really look lyk dat stop imagining thing this is not a movie. No 1 saw , so where are u getting those images from just stop it, and get 2 no dat u live in de country of educated people u can’t come up with lies and expect us 2 believe u

Denise Woods Is this human being or alliens. Kili Uganda.but kitalo nnyo.

Mark Ekinu U go n check them in nyero Rock paintings, those are early man’s photos

Yassin Adrole Is diz pic drawn using a pencil or taken with a camera? Whom r u fooling? De police z in a better position t get whoever they thing is behind de murder. Any way how many pipo r oredee killed in ug n how many of de killers r got apart from rounding any Boda, chapati seller, muyayi from de street.

Napoli Rogers Those are late royal guards ov omumbere or uninvited vistors​ frm Mars”Uganda zaabu”

Apollo Adnan Martin They we’re 2 but u will arrest 2000…….. Try another method

Walusimbi Sam Just look at de ears it’s lyk for cartoon baba temutulimba remember we a following mwana twasomako

Solomon Musasizi Muwanguzi I am not a fan of cartoons but this movie series I am intending to watch from season one up to…whatever!

Tanebrugo Pescantini The same so called composite images used in the murder case of Joan Kagezi is kinda being recycled in the murder case of the trio!

Ninsiima Byaruhanga JJ Come On Men!, Is This A Kind Of A Comedy?, How The Hell Could The Police Post Such Sketch Pencil Drawings Claiming To Be The Suspects In The Assasination Of Our Fallen Men?, That’s A Fuckin’ Filthy Game!, The Sketches Resembles Gorillas, May Be U Go And Check Bwindi Impenetrable Forest!

Abale Stephen That suspected photo is not clear, policeeeeeee..,?.

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