Why Chameleone, Tito Fell Out

Why Chameleone, Tito Fell Out

Last year it was reported that star singer Jose Chameleone had fallen out with long-time pal, Sudanese businessman Tito Tong.

We have since established the exact reason behind the pair’s friction.

According to sources, the two fell out over a vehicle, a black Range Rover Sport. It is said that the now faded tycoon drove the SUV from Juba to Kampala, but upon arriving in the city he knocked a RAV4 in Mengo and damaged the front part.

Since he had two other similar vehicles, Tito decided to sell it off. Chameleone developed interest in buying the Range Rover which could cost him about Shs10m to repair the damaged
part after consulting with his mechanics.

Tito wanted $10,000 (around Shs35M) but the singer paid about $5000 minus the estimated repair
charges. After repairing, he went to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to get a number plate since it had Sudanese plates.

He was asked to produce documents for the vehicle which he did not have since Tito drove it into the country. It was then that URA officials got suspicious about the car and how it came into the country causing the ‘Sweet Banana’ singer problems.

We are told that on calling Tito about the vehicles’ documents, the gigantic businessman told off Chameleone as he also did not have them.

“Tito assured Chameleone not to ask for documents as that was not part of their transaction” intimates a source.

It was then that the two fell out as the pencil thin singer was infuriated by Tito’s response. The pair’s relationship has beenfrosty ever since.

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