Zari Juggles Diamond With Muscled Gym Trainer

Zari Juggles Diamond With Muscled Gym Trainer

Socialite Zari Hassan, who dumped her baby daddy Ivan Ssemwanga a few years back, is these days juggling her Toy-boy Diamond Platinumz with a muscular dude.

Pepper Online Snoops in Tanzania reveal that Zari recently hired this dude only identified as Tumise, as her personal trainer. However, according to Snoops, the two could be engaging in more steamy aerobics sessions than Diamond could ever imagine.

It should be noted that Zari has a raging appetite for muscular men. Actually, some of the muscled  up guys she has dated so far include Isaac Lugudde and Farouk Ssempala although there could be others.

This is the more reason why Diamond ought to be worried, because Zari and Tumise are said to be hanging out a lot after gym work, while Diamond does the babysitting for his and Zari’s tots.

Snoops also reveal that ever since they hooked up, Tumise dictates upon what Zari eats,  drinks or when to rest.

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