Aine’s Painstaking shoot Burns Thousands of Models

Aine’s Painstaking shoot Burns Thousands of Models

By Serestino Tusingwire

One time as I was chatting up a friend, Warren Aine gracefully walked in with a wavy posture. I was briefly spellbound.

After a few minutes, he left. Within the short engagement he had with my buddy, I sensed that his personality might be quite exceptional.

My first question as he got out of earshot was, ‘What does that guy do?’ I asked my buddy who also happens to be his manager. “He is a model,” she replied smiling. The fascination was steadily increasing, but this time my curiosity mode got aroused.

A few days later, I talked to my friend and she linked me up to Aine for a conversation about his life. Like any showbiz individual, he was slightly hesitant about it on first suggestion but later agreed on second thought.

First and foremost, he told me when the idea of making a life for himself through the modeling profession hit his mind; he had to first consult his parents. They were both in. He was then in ordinary level at Ugandan Martyrs’ S.S Namugongo.

“I have been lucky to have parents that are non-judgmental and are willing to support me in whatever I choose to pursue,” he said.


Warren Aine has really achieved a lot in four years he has so far spent in modeling industry.

In 2013, still in lower secondary, he organized a beauty pageant, in which 26 girls competed for a collection of prizes. It was largely sponsored and from it he learnt how to organise events.

While at Seeta high school for upper secondary, he decided to try out radio presenting and he got his first gig with 103.4 Juice FM where he has since remained and was doing a fashion show, “Unkempt”, along with other two beautiful souls. He later shifted to Juice Breakfast Show which he does with Precious and Steve.

Future Prospects

He wants to do more of Commercials, acting and modeling. “I can’t make something minor and I fear flops. That’s why I am putting everything on halt,” he said when asked why he hasn’t done another modeling competition.

Individually, he models with Black Models and he is also running another project (Silhouettes) which he calls “a new brand comprised of highly trained and experienced Models aspiring to create aspiration and inspiration to many hearts.”

When I asked him why he is doing fashion on radio yet it would be better with TV, Aine had this to say;

“I am focusing more on radio because it will build my career – you can’t just jump to TV when you have no experience. Through radio you talk to many people.  I want to join at an East African television when it’s most suitable.”

Warren Aine has tirelessly tried to prove his potential as a model in Uganda although the modeling industry in Uganda is not as amorphous as the industries in HollyWood .

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