I am Ready to Unseat Mao – Nambooze

I am Ready to Unseat Mao – Nambooze

By Serestino Tusingwire

The troubled Mukono Mucipality MP Betty Namboze Bakileke (DP) has vowed to unseat the Democratic Party President Norbert Mao following her suspension from the party.

Speaking to media last week, Nambooze said Mao had blocked all avenues for causing reforms in the party and the only ‘right’ thing to do is to kick him out of DP.

“I have decided to refocus my energy on the issues we based on to start this struggle. We are starting our campaign to take over the leadership of DP whether I’m the vice president or not,” Nambooze said, adding: “Once you are recognized by a group of people as their leader, you are their leader even if Mao stands on top of Workers House and shouts ‘Nambooze is no longer the DP leader in Buganda’, I will be.”

It should be noted that DP National Executive Committee members last week sat in a crisis meeting and resolved to suspend Nambooze for three months over what they termed as indiscipline.

The party accuses Nambooze of practicing divisive politics, holding meetings without notifying the top authorities and addressing the media in a manner that puts the leadership of the party in disrepute.

A committee to investigate her acts was constituted and NEC will base on its report to determine her final fate.

However, Nambooze accused party president Norbert Mao of being behind her suspension which she calls unfair since the decision was taken before being given a chance to defend herself.

Meanwhile, Police in Masaka yesterday blocked another Nambooze meeting in which she had planned to meet DP members in greater Masaka region to discuss party issues under her theme, Make DP Great Again. She was arrested and later released.

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