Kabafunzaki Faces Anti-Corruption Court

Kabafunzaki Faces Anti-Corruption Court

By Serestino Tusingwire

The controversial state minister for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations Herbert Kabafunzaki has this afternoon been brought before the Anti-corruption court in Kampala for mention of the charges against him.

He has been charged on two counts of corruption for soliciting a Shs.15M bribe and directly accepting 5M bribe from Mohammed Hamid.

Kabafunzaki was on Saturday picked by detectives from Kampala Serena Hotel where he reportedly received Shs10m from agents of Aya Hotel proprietor Hamid to kill a case of sexual harassment.

However, he pleads not guilty saying the CCTV cameras in the Hotel can prove whether he received any money or not.

His co-accused, Mugabo, has pleaded guilty on corruption charges for soliciting UGX15m to ‘kill the case’ against Hamid.

Details to follow

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