Makerere Ups Age Limit For Vice Chancellor

Makerere Ups Age Limit For Vice Chancellor

Makerere University has opened the way for older academicians to contest for the coveted post of Vice Chancellor.

The Search Committee for the Vice Chancellor announced that candidates interested in the post can be aged between 40 and 65 years contrary to earlier rules that kept out candidates aged over 60.

Search Committee chairperson Irene Ovonji said: “Associate Professors get contracts up to the age of 70, why not the VC candidate? The Vice Chancellor can be 65 years and serve their term until they’re 70, then they retire.”

The rule modification clears the way for outgoing Makerere VC Professor Ddumba-Sentamu , who is 64, to contest for reappointment.

But Sentaamu has previously said he doesn’t believe the VC should be subjected to a political selection procedure and had insisted he would not subject himself to the selection process.

Last month Sentamu declared: “I’m a decent man and I mean my word. I have criticized the process that is used to elect a vice chancellor. I believe it’s bad for proper management of this university; therefore, I can’t subject myself to a process I lost confidence in.”

But yesterday Sentamu indicated to the press, he could have a change of heart about staying on as VC: “I will not comment on my stand because I have not seen the conditions set by the search committee , I still have time, this is still April.”

The deadline for interested Candidates to submit their applications for selection is May 15.


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