City Babes Who Use Bikini To Entice Men Busted

City Babes Who Use Bikini To Entice Men Busted

Unfortunately, today bikini appearance is considered as beautiful. All eyes, as well as camera lenses focus on bikini babes. Just take a look at the following photos of top Kampala babes who have carved their PERFECT bodies through bikini display. Some of these girls have made a name as celebrities through flaunting their bodies on social media platforms. Some have graced the magazine pages while others parade their bodies for secret motives. We unveil top bikini bodies on social media

Seanice Mukisa

Kampala is blessed with smoking hot socialites and glamour girls, among is the insanely gorgeous Seanice. She is one flamboyant city sex siren who has been causing hullaballoo in the social circles. She used to flaunt her sexy body on the social media and everyone was left wondering about the dude who could be drilling her oil wells. She has this juicy curveous body with a skin that proves that she grew up feeding on milk. Finally in September she unleashed the lucky dude drilling the oil wells when they were smoked out having fun with UK based serial dater Elly Kasule at Nambole Stadium during the Pro-line game, where they stormed hand-in-hand. The two fellows were every inch in love going by the way they were displaying their affection in public.

Princess Deyonce

She is Ugandan socialite and social media showoff known as Princess Deyonce. She likes to flaunt her kinky photos on social media platforms of Snap Chat, Instagram and Facebook that leaves perverts vowing with evil intentions just with mere going through her galleries. Deyonce whose name is an inspiration from American singer Beyonce resides in Los Angeles where she owns monster rides. She has a penchant for expensive wines/spirits and living a largely luxurious life. She is said to be a nurse in Vegas despite the fact that she lives a classy life. The booty queen likes binge partying and this season she is in town showcasing her weird dress styles.

Wendy Nanziri

She resides in Dubai but keeps on sneaking into the country once after three months. She hails from the wealthy family of Sekindi in Muyenga. She is the daughter of the prominent businessman Lwandala Sekindi, the son of Sekindi senior. Sources reveal that this sexy babe has been very close prominent Kampala loaded men who can afford to facilitate her lavish life. Sources add that the reason she flaunts her bikini body on social media is to attract interested well-wishers and clients.

Hellen Lukoma

She is a failed artiste trying masquerade as a fashionista organizing fashion events. Hellen is going around claiming about loving her body and shares them on the social media platforms. She is believed to be somewhat an underrated nudist .perverts can’t seem to get enough of her sweet nakedness and her entire lifestyle. Hellen continues to post wicked hot shots of her own sexy body routinely on social media.

Sheila Parker

She’s a hot born-to-model who rocks bikinis with the ease of a sexy goddess. She’s become quite famous for her sexibility and has always blessed the public with her sexiness. The model normally shares her photos on Instagram where she loads bikini pics and selfies of herself soaking up in the sun. Reports reveal that her source of income is not known because she doesn’t get enough money from modeling compared to her lavish lifestyle. It is believed she must be gaining from flaunting the photos on social media where she hooks her suitors.

Farha Adamz

She started slowly making her presence on the social scene by showcasing her bikini body. She has been off the social scene because of the pregnancy. However she is soon getting back on the social scene and social media after delivering two months back.

Millicent Lubega

Gorgeous city socialite Millicent Lubega knows she is hot and is not afraid to show it to the whole world. Millicent recently paraded her incredibly curvaceous body while chilling at a swimming pool in town. Millicent posted the sexy pictures on her Facebook timeline. Clad in a swim suit, the sex oozing babe was the centre of attention as all males at the venue could not take their lustful eyes off her shapely body. She has no any regular job to her name. She lives a high lifestyle of spending with the loaded dudes. She always parades her body of different media platforms to get those who might have interest in her body. She is considered ‘Team YOLO’ meaning ‘You Only Leave Once’ so with this believe she tries anything in life as long as it makes her happy and she benefits from it.

Asma Uwase

Asma undeniably has one of the most attractive bikini bodies and she’s certainly not shy! The model took to her Instagram on to show off plenty of skin, and bare her famous assets. Asma looks amazing while posing poolside in a tight bikini. She has been around Kampala enjoying good life without any job to her name. She used feature in different Bikini theme nights in top night spots in town but after landing many business cards from patrons she later became close to the might loaded ones in town. She these spotted in happening places enjoying binge drinking from the budget of top celebrities.

Kumba Cisse

Her claim to fame is being sister for ex-miss Uganda Salma Nassanga. Kumba has been on the social scene close to nine years now. She has been very close to artistes like Singer Bobi Wine, Moze Radio and late Richie Katts. For the past nine years Kumba has never had a job to her name but has attended all expensive parties in town and has access to all top nightspots in town. Despite being a Muslim, Kumba has tasted all expensive wines and alcohol that is enjoyed by the rich and hardworking yuppies. No one knows her source of income but Kumba lives large with a posh apartment in Buziga and drives two expensive SUVs. Reports reveal that her secret is in the bikini photos she posts on the social media platforms that attracts men who invests money in her curvy body.

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