Ugandans Spit Venom Over NRM MPs’ Move to Lift Age Limit

Ugandans Spit Venom Over NRM MPs’ Move to Lift Age Limit

By Serestino Tusingwire

Following yesterday’s NRM caucus consultative meeting in which 245 party MPs agreed to table a private members bill in parliament seeking to amend article 102(b) thus allowing president Museveni to stand again in 2021, many Ugandans have strong shown their frustrations with the move.

It should be noted that President Museveni who is currently 72 would not be allowed to contest in 2021 if article 102(b) remains untouched.

Some Ugandans are coursing the NRM MPs for being selfish and greedy as they believe MPs were promised/given huge sums of money to back the move.

It is reported that however the 245 MPs voted to table the bill in parliament, some of them never wanted it but they seemingly had an external force behind as they could be seen hiding from the cameras.

Yesterday we did a story about the saga and shared it on our social media pages to allow the general public have their say about the big news so far in the country.

Below are some of the reactions from the public most of which are blasting the NRM MPs for selling the country in favour of selfish gains;

David Buatru The constitution means nothing to these greedy NRM members. Why to still continue to hide under the constitution? If they want, let them revoke or abolish the entire constitution because it’s not useful anymore. I prefer that they rule us by military decrees period!!!!!!!

Samson Esimbado Dawudi If at all it’s true that means we shall have all new MPs 2022……they have dug their own grave …….foolish Ugandans who bewitched us for sure 🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️

Ramathan Nsubuga Imagine if I could get an access to a ballistic missile🚀all these mother f**k’n Nrm Pigs would’ve been dead by now…Coz that’s the only hope we’ve remained with just to terminate all the traitors of this country.

Steve Harry Mweny’a oba when will al-shabab ever visit that Parliament… surely if they do, it’s one of those achievements they would have done for this world.

Rame Nabs Some times I don’t even blame NRM members, but I blame Ugandans who always elect these members. They contest as NRM and are given votes, so let’s bare the consequences from the stupidity of the Ugandans who always vote for so called parliament pigs!

David Cisse Sisye Let them go to heaven and amend the death limit as well. If someone did not want age limits why did he sign on the constitution in the first place? We were mocked to think we had a constitution. Now i see we dont have any. That is wy lawlessness, corruption and anarchy are on the rise.

Kachope Apuuli Age limit @ 75 must remain bt lower 35 to 25 yrs as elegible person to stand as a president, the young generation must be given a chance to manage the country’s affairs!

James Baguma You are ranting for nothing. When a political party gets majority in parliament, its basically a license to change whatever they want in the Constitution. Our opposition here are obsessed about removing M7 alone that ignore standing for parliamentary seats. Now we have hard over ten by-elections and NRM has won all except two of which are independents too. FDC or DP, zero seats! Then what do you expect? Suppose it were you in NRM position, wouldn’t you take the opportunity to influence decisions?

Right now, there is a bending by-election in Iganga but did not see any FDC big wig in the campaigns. So then when an NRM candidate wins, who will be to blame?

Fetha Ken let us wait them back in their constituencies and see if museveni will vote all of them back to parliament

Nghada Samuel Their time will come. I huge blame is to d voters who maintain these monsters in power. Trouble is d voters are kept in abject poverty for four years of d mps’ term n are normally tricked around with their four years’ robs, I mean what they have stolen from d very poor tax payers… A mere one thousands note shilling is enough to return them in Parliament to d their chuff. That’s why some of them are always ready to sacrifice anything no matter what to join d thuggery house. God forbid.

Tumwesigye Achleo We are nolonger citizens, but slaves and refugees. The country is already sold!

Simon Gitta But for God’s sake who votes for such mammals into our parliament..!!
Sometimes the blame goes back to Ugandans who still vote for NRM people


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