Besigye Charged with Murder over Protester’s Death

Opposition stronghold, Rtd Col. Dr Kizza Besigye has been charged with murder following the death of one protester during Wednesday’s rally in Rukungiri District.

Kizza Besigye, who has contested and lost four elections against long-time leader Museveni, was detained on Thursday after police broke up a rally organised to protest moves to extend President Museveni’s rule.

Police officers fired bullets and teargas during clashes with Besigye supporters.

“Besigye and his colleagues led these youths who stoned police and caused deaths,” regional Police Commander Denis Namuwoza said.

According to the postmortem report released by Kambuga hospital, the 22 year old Edson Nasasira died after a heavy stone hit him at the back of his head.

However, the opposition refutes the first report saying the young man actually died of gunshot wounds.

The latest postmortem report, according to FDC, was done at Nyakibare Hospital and it shows a bullet ripped through his nose and exited through the back of his head.

The new photos by FDC, a party to which he belonged, shows deep wounds at the back of Nasasira’s head.

2 thoughts on “Besigye Charged with Murder over Protester’s Death

  1. how can you charge the one who was pulling the legs of the cow to run and ignore the one running with the knife who cut the cow????!!!

  2. “No suspect pleads guilty” We saw the live video on TVs clearly shows the Museveni police seriously shooting not in the air, directly at the crowd. If not guilty, why sack the area commander? it’s clearly known to Ugandans, who the killer is/are. bravo! our media team. for being in the lead of what happened. Ugandans are the judge this time around. “You can full some people some times, you can full many people many time, but you can full all the people all the time” Martin Luther Jr.

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