Teargas, Bullets Lock Lira Town Over Age limit Consultations; Two MPs Hospitalized

Business in Lira Municipality has this afternoon been paralyzed after police teargassed residents who had gathered for a consultative meeting in Adyel division groups to discuss about the proposed age limit bill.

Our reporter who is on ground says even the eight MPs who were in attendance namely; Angiru Gutmoi, Sylvia Akello, Joy Atim Ongom(NRM), Odur Jonathan, Felix Okot Ogong and Celia Ogwal among others could not be spared and they got themselves a good share of teargas before they could find their way out.

This came after some of the opposition leaders who were not expected at the meeting beat security to join the group when Joy Atim was making her speech.

The locals turned violent even while police fired teargas and rubber bullets to disperse them.

“All was going well before the opposition MPs stormed the venue. We agreed with them before that each of them should meet his/her constituents without interfering others” DPC Joel Tubanone who commanded the operation told Red Pepper Online.

Cecelia Ogwal who arrived in his parliamentary official vehicle looking sick, was stopped by DPC Tubanone who instructed her to go back.

While being forced to go back, locals opposed to the removal shouted at police ‘leave Atat’ she’s here for a purpose, promoting DPC to signal his boys to start firing up.

“We are not here to be intimidated. Every MP has been instructed to separately consult his/her own constituents,” DPC added.

The battle between the police and locals got more tense by 17:20pm on Tuesday with locals confronting  the North Kyoga Regional police Commander, Ematu John Peter in protest for his ‘orders’

Meanwhile, two MPs; Cecelia Ogwal and Akello Sylvia are admitted at Lira Medical Center.

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