Angry Museveni Cancels Doctor’s Meeting

State House has canceled a meeting it had scheduled with striking doctors.

President Yoweri Museveni had planned to hold a meeting with the doctors but yesterday at a rally in Kabarole the president lashed out at the doctors after they refused to resume work.

And this morning the President’s spokesman Don Wanyama confirmed the meeting was off.

‘The meeting has been cancelled, a new date will be communicated,’ Wanyama was quoted as saying.

Museveni was angry with the doctors at a public rally, lashing out that government would sack the striking lot and replace them with those who want to work; ‘I will not accept Ugandans to die, doctors who don’t want to work will be sacked.’

‘The doctors have really betrayed me and government. Their strike has come at a time when the commission on salary review is about to present its report to my office for implementation. The commission is looking at the salaries for all the civil servants in the country.”

UMA president Dr Ekwaro Obuku refused to be intimidated and instead blasted the government off.

‘Those threats are unfortunate and they will not work. Doctors have had broken promises and they don’t trust the salary review committee. The doctor is unique in the service sector. At night, day, weekends, on call,’ he said.

“Intimidation must have stopped yesterday. If you are telling us that you have plan B, we have up to plan C.” Obuku said.

5 thoughts on “Angry Museveni Cancels Doctor’s Meeting

  1. pliz doctors your holding the lives of Ugandans pliz observe profession ethics.sit down with the govt to settle ur maters

  2. The government should address the issue of Doctors as a very important matter instead of intimidating them. Threatening to sack an experienced doctor will add more problem to this government. Why doesn’t the president solve this problem once for all ? These people have been patient for years and their demands have not yet been met, which is too much injustice.

  3. Leaders should learn to listen and not to get angry because they are there to solve the most complex human problems. Anger oft solves no problem and its a sign of incompetence. How about a 30% increment for the start, another 30% next year and by the time we get our oil out, the docs will be somewhere. Above all, lets invest heavily in the health sector, the roads we getting mad with will have no meaning when we have a sick population threatened by mere malaria. Good roads are only good when the users are healthy! At least we can afford the gloves etc, that they are asking for. Lets make their work easy and we see if they will complain again.

  4. The truth is starting to come out about the medical profession. In this modern world, it is not about building impressive hospital structures. It is about treating a patient so that he or she can resume making a living for the country’ s good. That way, the system takes out the small time politicians who are ever looking for votes and let the doctor and patient face each other squarely. Days are numbered, in Africa, when politicians must end their management of hospitals.

  5. To me the stand off has been caused by the Minister of Health working on orders from above but Doctors are not moved by this attitude.

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